Online Learning is Here to Stay! Aug. 1, 2017

Online Learning is Here to Stay!

Online learning is here to stay! Why? It works! It teaches you to be an independent learner, and a creative problem solver. These are two crucial skills for the 21st century job market.

A recent study found that 65% of today’s grade-school kids will do jobs that have not been invented yet. The world we live in has never changed at such a rapid place and this economic landscape of accelerating change demands self education as well as continual life-long learning. 

There is no better way to capture 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, media and technology literacy through individualize online learning. When students are constantly learning independently and applying what they learned through building creative products and experiences, they rapidly develop and refine digital age skills.

CCCS is a free public charter school. Teachers provide online learning pathways for students and students receive constant guidance, instruction, and feedback from our teachers throughout the entire week because we have made it our top priority to provide all of our students with unparalleled access to our entire staff of qualified teachers and administrators. Our students continue to benefit and succeed through personalized attention and the ability to adapt their schedule to fit their individual needs. Not only do we offer engaging courses and electives, we can also offer Career Technical Education courses to prepare learners for post-secondary education or careers in pathways such as Health Science and Informational Technology. Our mission is to provide educational options to students, and also assure they are prepared with the 21st century skills necessary for post-secondary education or careers.

We understand the importance of balance and flexibility in today’s student’s lives. Our students engage in flexible, online learning paths through unlimited access to web-based curriculum. For students involved in sports, dance, the arts, or other activities, online learning can provide the necessary flexibility.

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