Education Alternatives June 23, 2015

Education Alternatives

Many parents are looking for alternatives to what their own public or chosen private schools have to offer. They sense that their schools have become test prep factories that only care about a score on a series of tests given each spring. They feel their child’s creativity and love of learning is being replaced with limited options and judgment of their potential via test score.

For these parents, charter schools matter, because at the end of the day, test scores don’t – or at least shouldn’t. That’s right; because charter schools are something parents opt into, they have to consciously make a decision to place their children into them. Before doing that, they also came to the conclusion that the neighborhood school either wasn’t meeting the needs of their child or that something was missing, that there was a better situation to be found elsewhere.

Therefore, parents are placing children in schools that are more philosophically in line with what they want for their children. Some parents feel their children need more discipline, some want to home-school and supplement with rigorous online curriculum, some just want to get their kids to graduate from high school and find programs for at-risk students where students can go to a drop-in center and visit with a mentor several times a week. Some want project –based curricular options, or work-experience tied in with basic curriculum. Doesn’t matter what the flavor, people are now looking for schools based on the type of situation that best fits their child’s personality or learning style.

Which leads us to the larger question: If your child is happy, likes school, is surrounded by caring adults and is excited about learning - do you really care about test scores?

The answer is of course, “No”. Because at the end of the day, your child’s success isn’t based on a number assigned to your neighborhood school, it’s based on them being in a school that excites their curiosity and creates a passion for something positive.

Not every student fits nicely into his or her neighborhood school. That is why charter schools matter. Because, at the end of the day, it’s the smile on a young child's face that matters most of all.