Traditional schools aren't for everyone. For some it's a matter of time, or it's a matter of safety and emotional well-being. For some, it's about creating a program centered on a passion or pursuit of excellence that can't be supported by traditional schools or schedules. And for others it's about realizing a dream despite life's ups and downs.


Our Mission

Community Collaborative was started by award winning educators to get your child the depth and breadth of curriculum designed through the use of Edmentum on-line curriculum supported by caring tutors on your time is the perfect solution.


How it Works 

For families today, time is a valuable commodity. Soccer practice, ballet, piano, travel ball, how do you fit them all in and still get your child the education they deserve? We provide a flexible curriculum for students with a variety of needs. 


Our People

Community Collaborative Charter School was established by an award winning
team of educators who are fed up with the status quo.