Community Collaborative provides high quality online curriculum
that can be accessed with teacher support at anytime from anywhere.  In addition, learning
centers are staffed with fully credentialed teachers and mentors who can provide
tutoring, feedback and mentoring in a small, safe environment.


Online Curriculum

Our online courseware and learning platforms are built on standards-based online curriculum grounded in a tradition of solid research and applied innovation. Student learners are engaged in current, relevant curriculum through interactive, media-rich content that is and adaptable to meet the leaner's needs

Whether the student is falling behind, at grade level, or advanced, their individual unique needs can be accommodated in an environment in which they will thrive. Courseware can be used in a learning center environment, as a blended model where online courses supplement a learning center environment, or with a completely virtual experience. This allows us to provide:

Robust flexibility allows us to customize courseware to meet each
students unique needs aligned to Common Core and state standards

Broad range of core subjects, electives, global languages, career technical education content, and Advanced Placement courses

High-quality content for original credit, supplemental learning,
credit recovery, unit recovery, and extended learning

Over 77 A-G compliant courses in almost every subject



We don’t believe that every child should be taught in a cookie cutter traditional school.
Through our unique partnership, Community Collaborative Charter School and Pathways Academy Charter School are able to provide parents and students a wide-range of programmatic options so that each of our students can reach their true potential.  Each program has a different focus and area of expertise so that we are able to best match programmatic strength with student need.



Some of our students are night owls and have trouble being at school early in the morning
and prefer to work on academics at night or have other family situations that do not allow
them to leave the house during the day. All of our classes can be taken on line
wherever you are or whenever works best for our students.


Many of our students like taking classes on-line, but still like to sit down with a trusted
teacher or mentor for extra help, advice, or just to talk.  Some, just like to have a place where they
can meet up with their friends, work cooperatively on projects then take off for the skate park of the beach. For those students, we offer comfortable learning centers staffed with caring adults
and fully credentialed teachers who provide safe and supportive environments.

High School Preparation

For various reasons, many parents feel their child isn’t ready for the rigors of high school athletics or academic programs.  We have the ability to provide a pre-enrollment test to determine strengths and weakness.  A program is then developed to help strengthen academic areas that could be problematic in high school and to further develop those areas identified as strengths. Additionally, because the program is based on student needs, individual lessons, training sessions, recitals, out-of town travel, etc.  can all be scheduled around your child’s schedule—not the schools.

Credit Recovery

The ugly truth is that one-third of all students do not graduate for high school. Our year-round credit recovery program offers students to take the classes they need to catch-up and graduate from either our school or return to their traditional school so they can walk with their friends. Several of our academic schedules offer the following options:

Start July 1st and complete an entire year’s worth of classes by
they time second semester starts at a traditional school.   

Start July 1st and get as many classes as you need to catch up
completed and return to the traditional school.  

Start at the end of the Thanksgiving break and get an entire year’s worth of credit
by June 30. (Yes, you can start after Thanksgiving and get two-years worth of
work accomplished in 15 month’s—if you are dedicated and work hard.) 

How it Works

It’s simple.  You can either call our enrollment specialist or enroll on-line. Then, someone
from the school will contact you to get a better understanding of your situation
and figure out how we can make your student as successful as possible. 

From there we set up options that make you feel confident that
your child is getting what they need—when you/they need it.


Other Campuses and programs

Sage Oak

Office Location: 1255 W. Colton Ave #549, Redlands, CA 92374, Fax: 888-241-6118
Area Served: San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside,
Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern and San Bernardino Counties
Description: Grades TK-12-  Sage Oak is a public homeschool program that provides highly trained facilitators work with families to develop a plan and provide sufficient resources to ensure their child is receiving the type of education many families desire for their child.




Office Location: 1200 Quail Street Suite 175,  Newport Beach, CA 92660
Area Served: San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside,
Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern and San Bernardino Counties
Description: Grades 6-12: CALPAC students benefit from personalized learning. Our method of instruction is designed to cater to individualized student learning needs and styles. To facilitate learning, our highly motivated teachers provide personalized instruction and extra help via phone, virtual whiteboard, and e-mail communications with students according to their individual needs.



Excel Academy

Office Location:  1200 Quail Street Suite 175,  Newport Beach, CA 92660
Area Served: San Diego, Imperial, Orange, Riverside,
Los Angeles, Ventura, Kern and San Bernardino Counties
TK – 12: Excel Academy has a variety of service and product vendors to select from to provide learning opportunities for students. Parents and facilitators develop each student’s personalized learning plan, consider their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles by using a Learning Style Inventory to give insight into different learning styles and how it could
affect the materials you use for each student. 



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