Excel Academy

"I can not say enough about Excel. I am so grateful to be apart of this charter school so that my children can utilize the funding for amazing classes. Every class/lesson that I want my child to partake in so far has been an approved vendor through the school. Because of this my children have been able to experience a wide variety of extracurricular activities. We also have been able to use our funding cover curriculums and materials. My Education Specialist is extremely knowledgeable about all the different curriculums out there and has been able to always suggest the best fit for my kids. Working with Excel Charter school has been a huge blessing in our homeschool journey."

Kimberley H., Mission Viejo, CA

Homeschool mom of 3 Excel students

"We are thankful for Excel and our fabulous Education Specialist. She is extremely helpful, friendly and reliable. We love using our funds with Karen Baker who has taught all four of my kids how to play piano in such a creative, fun way. Our funds also pay for classes that support work being done at home such as Mad Dog Math, which reinforces their math facts.  Excel provides many opportunities for my kids that they might not otherwise have."

"We have really enjoyed our years with Excel Academy. our ES has been amazing! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and very kind. There is a wide variety of vendors to choose from. My daughter has loved learning to sew and play piano. We are looking forward to future years with Excel Academy"