Our Programs

Community Collaborative Charter School provides quality online curriculum that can be accessed with teacher support at anytime from anywhere. We understand different online learning platforms and curriculum fit diverse student learning styles and individual pathways to prepare for today's job market. For this reason, we use award winning, robust, online, textbook, and blended learning platforms that best support students. In addition, learning centers are staffed with fully credentialed teachers and mentors who can provide tutoring, feedback and mentoring in a small, safe environment.

We  believe that every child should have access to a quality, individualized education.

Community Collaborative Charter School is able to provide parents and students a wide-range of programmatic options so that each of our students can reach their true potential. Each program has a different focus and area of expertise so that we are able to best match programmatic strength with student need.


Our students enjoy the flexibility to get their work done on their own schedule. Our classes can be taken online: where and when works for you. CalPac offers fully online course offerings for students in grade 6-12, while Excel Academy has online core and enrichment course offerings as part of their individual approaches.

Personalized Learning & Homeschool

Our programs offer personalized learning and homeschool approaches as a means to an individualized, customized education. Excel Academy thrives in providing personalized learning and homeschool through an independent study model in TK-12 that provides an alternative to the traditional one-size fits all learning approach. We believe that students can be educated with a learning style that fits their needs.

High School Preparation 

We meet the child where they are upon enrollment into our program. A plan is then developed to help strengthen academic areas that could be problematic in high school and to further develop those areas identified as strengths. Additionally, because the program is based on student needs, individual lessons, training sessions, recitals, out-of town travel, etc. can all be scheduled around your child’s schedule.

Credit Recovery  

Roughly one third of all students do not graduate high school. Our credit recovery program offers students the ability to take the classes they need to catch-up and graduate on time. Several of our academic schedules offer options for block scheduling, flexible scheduling, and summer learning options to ensure you get the credit you deserve.

How it Works  

You can either call our enrollment specialist or enroll online. Someone from the school will contact you to get a better understanding of your situation and figure out how we can make your student as successful as possible. From there we set up options that make you feel confident that your child is getting what they need—when you/they need it.

CALPAC CalPac combines flexible learning with modern educational technology to create a supportive learning environment to help students of all types of backgrounds become independent learners.

EXCEL ACADEMY Excel Academy offers a personalized independent learning model for students in TK-12 grade. We give families the freedom to build their own curriculum to ensure their student’s success.